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    Hello everyone, I have this problem for at least a month, and I do not know where I bang my head, I installed a certicate ssl, everything is ok correctly imported and tells me OK status everywhere. The Zeroshell ver is 3.8.0 and zerotruth 4.0
    Now the CP does not leave me anymore I have to flag Do not use HTTPS (Encryption) otherwise it will not start.
    Obviously not using HTTPS the certificate is useless and a lot of problems with unsafe site warnings etc … to the clients.
    In the LOG there is the error:
    AS: ERROR: Captive Portal Authentication Server failed to start: Syntax error on line 2 of / var / register / system / cp / Auth / cp_as-httpd: The address or port is invalid
    I went away putty to see the file cp_as-httpd the first 3 lines are these:
    Listen 12080
    <VirtualHost *: 12080>
    #CustomLog / tmp / access_log common
    I tried to remap all the virtualhost with port 12080 since underneath there is the virtual host 1281 with https and ssl but every time I save and restart the CP
    it overwrites the cp_as-httpd file in the original ……
    I honestly do not know what to do ….
    Even if I put the local certificate back on the CP, I still have the error if I use HTTPS, at this point I would not want the problem to be even before the installation of the certificate.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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