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    I am getting 2 accounting entries for a login of a guest – one with the name of the guest he used at login and another one with his MAC as username.
    The one with the MAC uses DEFAULT as the accounting class. The guest has the accounting class GUEST.
    First I didn’t recognize this, but if I changed cost/Mb of DEFAULT to 0.01€ (like GUEST) and I saw that the cost increases for the one with the MAC.

    Also I am missing the Credit of 1€ I added to the user gast in the user administration. I would like to give the guests fixed credit. If they have used it the connection should be disconnected.
    With ZS 2.0 everything works fine. With 3.2.? and 3.4.0 it doesn’t work anymore.

    Here some further information from my ZS:

    User Accounting
    Username Traffic (MB) Time Cost (€) Credit (€) Last Update
    000a0030dc64 390.46 6:03 3.14 0.00 2016-03-11 00:22
    gast 304.72 4:47 3.05 0.00 2016-03-11 00:22

    Connected Clients: 1
    Username IP Address MAC Address 00:0a:00:30:dc:64

    19:32:59 AS: http session (Client: captured for authentication (Popup: yes)
    19:34:00 AS: http session (Client: captured for authentication (Popup: no)
    19:35:19 AS: trying Radius authentication (PAP) for (Client:
    19:35:20 AS: Success: user (Client: successfully authenticated (Username,Password)
    19:35:21 GW: Success: user (IP: MAC: 00:0a:00:30:dc:64) connected

    Log from Radiusd:
    19:35:20 Login OK: [] (from client localhost port 1)

    Does anybody has an idea how I can fix this?



    I had a more detailed look on to the logs.
    The entries with the MAC as name are from the hostap, if a WiFi connect was made. I use WPA without Enterprise. I thought Radius request would only be made with Enterprise – but this is wrong. Therefor I found those entries in the Accounting. There does not exist a switch that allows to turn of the Radius for WiFi.

    I also had a mistake in my accounting class (post paid instead of pre paid). Now everything seems to work


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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