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    First of all, I would like to thanks the dev or team behind the ZeroShell distribution, it’s a solid and easy to configure firewall solution and it’s the only one that has Shibboleth (SSO/SAML) support integrated to its Captive Portal, this is the main reason I’m using it.

    I have the ZeroShell box working perfectly with our university IdP, it authenticates users without a problem. The only issue I have is that I would like to omit the redirection of the accounting page that comes right after the login (the pop-up one, which I disabled but still it redirects directly in the browser…https://myzeroshellbox:12081/cgi-bin/zscp). I only need the authentication for statistical purposes, so I don’t use the accounting feature and when users see the page some are confused and asking if they’re being charged for the network use.

    I searched the command line to see if I could change the configuration and found several files which make reference to this redirection, tried to make changes to them but there is no simple way of restarting the apache server (or at least I haven’t found one) and each time I restart the box every configuration file goes back to its original state. I checked the scripts to see if I had any luck of changing this but to no avail. I also consulted some colleagues which told me that the feature was embedded in the kerbynet binary which obviously can’t be changed by me.

    Please let me know if there is a way I can change this redirection to eliminate the https://myzeroshellbox:12081/cgi-bin/zscp page and just go directly to the user requested page after the authentication without having to compile the whole OS again.

    Thanks for your help! 😀

    PS. I’m sorry if this is a duplicated post, I searched the forum and the closest post I could find on the matter were these:

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