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    I have installed zerotruth but i have this problem that i can resolved or i can if its possible.

    I have a hot spot where i want the users to self register. This features is working well they receive an email with the credentials. The problem, i want to create an user with limit time (15m) to give temporary access to this users to go to email and see the credentials. First problem i can´t give minutes to access, is this correct.
    I have create one class with the name hotspot with one hour. Than i create that temporary user and i said that is from hotspot class. This user connet to internet but i dont disconnect after one hour.
    This user is used for this case. Can i do this. Give a time to him and disconnect and the this user became avalabaei for next login.

    Best regards


    hi jcfthai, what version are you using?
    in any case you can not enter the minutes for the hourly limit and surely it is safer to use a SMS for autoregistration.
    The limits, however, are not per session but total after which the user will expire.

    Best regards


    What version you are using ?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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