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    I searched the Forum, but I can´t find an answer. Is it possible to use an 512MB CF with the actual beta11? The image file is 1GB, but it contains only round about 120MB, so maybe I can use my existing 512MB CF?

    Thanks for any helpful hint and sorry for this noob-question! 😳



    Ok, I answered my question for myself and bought an 1GB CF.


    If i were to shrink the image i would do the following:

    1. Mount the partition that has the most extra space under some folder
    2. Tar the contents into a tarbal, (remebering the -p option)
    3. Unmount the partition
    4. fdisk the image and remove the partition
    5. create a new partition with a more suitable size
    6. create a new filesytem on the new partition
    7. mount the new partiton under some folder
    8. uncompress the tar backup (remembering the -p option)



    You could also try some graphic tool like gparted, it allows you to resize your partitions with no problem.
    1.- Backup you data (just in case)
    2.- Connect the CF to your computer (using standard card reader should work)
    3.- Just tell gparted to resize the partition, after some minutes everything should be done.


    I did the opposite. I could only get a 2GB CF. I imaged it as usual, then plugged it into a card reader on one of my SuSE boxes and used the partition tool there to expand the partition. I now have 1.4GB for profile / log storage instead of 400MB.

    The same should certainly work in reverse. Use your Linux distro’s partition tools to shrink/grow the partition.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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