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    We are running ZeroShell on older HP rackmount servers – so that it is possible to use the iLO features to get pre-boot access to the machine (the iLO interface is on a special internal network).

    We use serial port redirection of COM2 and then SSH into the iLO management processor to grab the console.

    If at all possible I would like to use ZS in the same way that we do the other servers, i.e. COM2 (ttyS1) running at 115200 bps. I’ve modified /boot/grub/menu.lst and can now get the GRUB menu via this interface. And the kernel is started with options console=tty0 console=ttyS1,115200.

    Another thread on this board has indicated how to modify inittab (

    So the missing part of the picture is how to modify what happens during kernel bootup when the console is redirected (there is a message on the physical display along the lines ‘Redirecting console to ttyS0 at 38400’).

    I know that I could change the config of the BIOS and iLO to use COM1 at 38400, but for consistency with our other systems I’d prefer to change ZeroShell’s settings.

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