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    Initially I built a new router machine with an onboard card and USB-ETH adapter and configured USB to be WAN/PPPoE interface and on-board to look into the LAN.

    But then I installed a PCIe NIC and wanted it to be the LAN card. For that I removed the LAN IP from the on-board NIC via console and wanted to add it to the PCIe NIC.

    That did not work due to an error message stating: overlaps with (VPN99).

    Tried adding the LAN IP back to the on-board card and got the same error.

    And I could not find a way to do anything about that from the console, until I switched to another profile, than restored the first profile from backup and switched back there. Then I had to connect the LAN to on-board and live with that.

    Can anyone suggest how I can switch the LAN IP to the PCIe card?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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