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    Good afternoon all,

    I have been using Zeroshell for a few months now and it is great. I have repurposed a Checkpoint UTM-1 firewall that my work had thrown on the scrap pile [100% free so far!]. EVERYTHING works great except the LCD screen and buttons. I see others have done similar things with the same LCD setup [it is a standard 2×20 with a PIC16F627A controller board] using LCDProc open source LCD library. Getting it installed on Zeroshell though has proven to be a bit tough. I’m not a Linux expert but I can get around if there is a package manager like apt-get or yum. I tried compiling from source but there is no C compiler in Zeroshell. I’m at a bit of a dead end. Of course, the LCD is not necessary at all. But, it will look VERY COOL sitting in the rack if this little LCD is spitting out all kinds of information like uptime, nbr connections, CPU load, RAM, etc.

    Anyone done anything similar ? Or have any suggestions ?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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