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    hello everybody,
    I am using zeroshell 1.0beta 11 and it works great. Now I would like to updaze clamAV but I can not find any tutorial.
    I hope your able to help me because nobody seems to have the problem accept me.
    alix 2c3 incl. C100 / C105 / BA00 /AB00

    thanx and greetz in forward from a german n00b 😯


    hello suporter
    please give me a hint how to update clamav.
    Is it the same procedure like the updates?

    cd /Database
    tar xvfj
    cd clamav-095

    Does it works like described before?
    Do I have to uninstall the old version of clamav? … and when I have to uninstall … HOW?
    Please give me a hint where I find the location of clamav.

    If I get a higher understanding of zeroshell/linux I will promise help for other users (I will make simple tutorials of problems I solved for me, for example a tutorial of “how to update clamav)

    Looking forward in hope for a response


    Ahorn sorry I do not have answer, just a post saying that I also would like to be able to Update ClamAV…

    I am running the HTTP Proxy with Beta12 and according its Freshclam Log Beta12 includes 0.95.1, but unfortunately 0.95.2 is required before the Virus Definitions can be auto updated! Can anyone confirm if ahorn’s suggested update method works???


    Just a quick, slightly off topic question, How come lots of people use clam? I’m had it on a few virus infected machines and i’ve never found it spot a virus yet? There seems to be a fair few people on it. Do people have different experiences than me??


    Dear members,

    does anyone know a solution for upgrading ClamAV engine 0.95.1 to the latest stable engine 0.95.3

    The only information I got is not usefull at all for my minimal understanding about compiling anything out of a sourcecode…


    – Or, can I use one of the ready compiled packages for the Zeroshell distribution?


    Please, could someone be able to give any of us a usefull advice
    – There are also some other members who have simular questions about upgrading ClamAV engine.


    I’m looking forward to get any information out of this posting.

    With kind Regards


    Did anyone find the solution how to update ClamAV?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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