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    Hello to everyone, need your help.

    I’m using Zeroshell 1b11 as DHCP, DNS & VPN (pptp) server, internet router with 2 WANs, failover and port forwarding.
    Now I’m trying to set up bandwidth limit per IP’s using QoS (I’ve created several groups with different priority and speed limit)
    Also I applied this patch:

    But i have some problems with this:
    1. Only first rule of classifier works, all other are ignored (using DEFAULT CLASS instead). If i move rule №1 to another position, it stop working.
    2. Strange delays with failover: when failover changes default gateway (DG) (if primary WAN is down), windows workstations is trying to use the previous DG (that is down) up to 2-4 minutes , but linux workstation works normally.

    QoS classes are used on both WAN interfaces (ETH00 & ETH01) and LAN interface ETH03


    QoS management and Net Balancer cannot be used at the same time on the same router.



    But i have only 1 gateway active at the same time, or reason is in incompatibility between QoS and netbalancer modules, even it is working in failover mode?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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