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    First of all thanks for an amazing piece of software. I think it is probably overkill for my needs, but the QoS b/c of VoIP is what really makes me want to use it. I will outline what I would like to do. I have got it up and running with a simple setup so I have a vague notion of how everything works. I am not a “network” guy just someone who likes to tinker, but I do use my home network as a small office for work. If I am over complicating things or asking for too much help just let me know.

    I connect to the internet via DSL with a static IP, however all configurations so far were set up with the Zyxel Modem in DHCP mode b/c my carrier gave away my IP this week (long story). I have a box with 4 NIC’s however only 3 show up so I don’t know if I have one bad NIC or I need to add something to the config to get it to be recognized. What I would like to do is the following:

    ETH00 —> Zeroshell —> Belkin wireless router —> 2 static IP desktops and DHCP for wireless laptops
    ETH01 —> Zyxel 660r DSL modem (router? it can do DHCP or be in bridge mode)
    ETH02 —> Linksys WRTP54g VoIP router (wireless would be turned off and all routing functions could be turned off, would like to have it be able to do routing but not 100% necessary)
    ETH03 —> Debian box for web, database, file server (would like this to be accessible for computers on ETH00 to access via local network if possible and secure use from outside when traveling)

    Need QoS to guarantee bandwidth for ETH02 for VoIP, I do run torrent software on occasion and others do use wireless network while I am working on the phone in my office.

    Now what I have done is manage to get a machine to work behind the Belkin router on ETH02 (just playing) by turning off all NAT capablity and setting a subnet of and turning the DHCP for that interface, but then I could no longer access the Belkin to configure wireless settings. I have not tried configuring wireless first and then turning NAT off. Can I use ZeroShell to do the WPA authentication instead of the Belkin doing it? I also had another connection on ETH00 using the default subnet of

    I can’t think of anything else at the moment. I am sure I did not put something in that is important. I appreciate any pointers and or help.


    I am up and running but I think I have the whole setup to complex and would like some help.

    I essentially have 4 subnets going and think there only needs to be 3.

    What I have right now is eth00 as subnet (default) with DHCP configured
    eth01 is my ip and gateway to isp and NAT running on it
    eth02 is subnet with DHCP configured

    I have a belkin wireless router connected to eth00 serving my WLAN and most all the rest of my LAN configuring automatically and also serving as a DHCP on subnet

    I have my linksys VoIP router on eth02 set only to serve as an ATA for VoIP it is not serving as a router at all.

    Then I have QoS enabled with a 3Mbps down and 768kbs up. It works fine until I activate on eth02 b/c (voip guarantee 1Mbps) it then throttles my etho1 subnet down to essentially 1.8mbs at all times.

    So I guess my question is how do I configure zeroshell to serve as router with multiple ethXX on the same subnet is this possible? If its not possible how can I set the QoS to only give the 1Mbps to VoIP on eth02 if its being used.

    I hope this makes sense.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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