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    I’m playing with Zeroshell for some time and I cannot figure out how to set up the following: We have two subnets ( and and one Internet connection (4 MBit) and I need to set different max. bandwith for each of them (shaping). One subnet should have 1 Mbit and the other one 3 Mbit. Moreover, I need to count overall internet traffic for each of the subnets. Normally I would need 3 NICs (1 Internet and 2 for the subnets). Here I think I need something like 2 bridges (one for each subnet) to do the accounting and shaping. Does it mean that I need 5 NICs ? Or is there any other solution?
    Thank you very much


    I don’t understand why you want to create the bridges. Your subnets are on distinct ethernet segments and therefore you should use Zeroshell in routing configuration. Don’t worry for the QoS, it works in routing mode as well as in bridge mode, because the Queu Discipline are directly attached to the interfaces and does not depend on the forwarding method.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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