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    I have read all of the documentation and posts that I can find but I am having trouble understanding how to configure my DSL connection. I have a DSL Router set to function as a modem in bridged mode. All of the examples I have seen show the internet gateway as presenting an IP address in the same subnet as the Zeroshell box. When set in bridged mode, my DSL box assigns a PPPoE login my public IP address ( not a private address ( since it does not provide NAT to the client.

    I have the typical 2 interfaces in my Zeroshell – ETH00 on the local network that is assigned and ETH01 that connects to my DSL. I can successfully create a PPPoE connection to the DSL.

    Here are my questions –

    *What (if any) ip address should I assign to ETH01?
    *I wish to use QoS; based on the document it shows a bridge between ETH00 and ETH01 to create this, is that different for a PPPoE scenario?
    *Do I need to create a connection (bridge?)between the ETH01 and PPPoE?
    *What is the proper settings for Gateway and Default Route in this scenaro (I’ve seen posts that suggest leaving Gateway blank)?
    *Can I set up the DNS server to automatically get upstream DNS settings from the DSL connection?

    and an unrelated question – do I have to use the Captive Portal or can I just set up a transparent proxy without requiring users to sign in?

    Thanks in advance!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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