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    Hello. I want to set a dns server with zeroshell 1.0beta11 to resolve my computers name. The ip setting is dynamic on my network, so i want the dns to automatically be updated according to the 1 hour lease of my dhcp server. It would be also good to know how to do the same for a static ip adressing.
    Expecting your replies and advices. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    There are some examples of how to setup a DNS server in this forum as well as material on the documentation page. Do you need anything special?


    Thanks for replying. Trust me, I went through the forum and i found just one documentation talking about general network setting. It also talked about a dns. According to that documentation , i just checked the checkbox in the dns left pane to activate it without no futher configuration. Then it didn’t work, rthat why i came to you to find help. You could provide with some links to the forum that has to do with my problem if you think there are some documentation related to setting up a dns server with zeroshell beta 11.
    Thank you alot for your reply, expecting to read from all of you.


    here is a summury of what i did according to my findings on the forum.
    – i left the default @ on the interface of my zeroshell server.
    -i renamed it “zerocompu”
    -i set a DB like tis:
    .description: zerocompu
    .kerberos 5
    . ldap base: dc=xyz;dc=org
    .admin: …
    network config
    (ethernet interface )
    -i set up a dhcp server successfully
    -i couldn’t ping the hosts with their names but only their ip@. So i decided to set up a dns server using the documentation on the forum
    -i went over the dns section, created a new dns zone like this:
    .domain name:
    email contest:
    i did the same for both “forwarg” and “reverse” dns zone.

    -dhcp server is ok
    -cannot still ping with their names but only their ip@
    -nslookup command on xp client does’nt work (no dns server found or no existent domain)

    1- should i first set a domain controller before setting a dns server?
    2- Is it possible to create a domain so that thez xp client could joint it , almost like the windows server operating systems do?
    3-what should i add to my dns server setting in such a way that it could resolve the names.

    i need all kind of help!!!!!!


    1) No domain controller has to do with windows accounting. What you need to do is add some entries for your hosts. Check on my post to see what you need to do.

    2) I am not sure on that. Generally a DNS server is something different than a Windows domain controller.

    3) For the forward zone you have to create “A” records from a name to an IP. For the reverse zone a “PTR” record from an IP to a full name.


    OK, i’m going to try right away, then i will let you know the result.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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