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    HI. i come here to know HOW setting a dns server with beta 11 on both static and dynamic ip adressing network, coz i’m new with zeroshell and not used to its interface. I would like to thank atheling for the > reply he put on the website to help some like i> to do something with zeroshell.> > I ‘m going to start by my main concern. I have a network> with dynamic ip setting supplied by my zeroshell dhcp> server. I use the beta 11. But i attempt unsuccesfully to> set a dns server along with the dhcp server to have my> computers names resolved by the dns i want to set with> beta 11. I tried to do that in vain coz when i go on a> computer of my network that is totally windows xp, the> command nslookup ( that’s meant to test my dns server> doesn’t work, it doesn’t give me the dns server name as i> set it, it still give me that, and by the way> doesn’t resolves any name). So i beg you to provide a> documentation for me about setting a dns server wih beta> in a dynamic ip adressing network. That would mean that i> don’t have to put entries in the dns server ( even though> i don’ know which entries i should enter in case of static> ip adressing) because of the dhcp server that’s on on my> network. > > I need your help because i’m new using zeroshell.> > Expecting your reply . ________________________________________________________

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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