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    Hello eceryone, i’m really interested in configuring a vlan. I went over the site, but there’s a big lack of information about it. So please help me!!!!!
    Expecting your replies. Thanks ahead.


    Go to “System” -> “Setup” -> “Network”, select an interface, e.g ETH00 and then click on “Create VLAN” button on the right side.


    thanks same PPALIAS.
    i’ve found the start point of vlan creation, and i’m gonna explain you what i want to do.

    in my network, i want to create a vlan that will contain my asterisk server along with all the ip phone. i will use the dhcp server of ZS for the ip phones, so it would be great to set up a vlan with it too. My network adress is, and i want a vlan in my computers network.

    This is what i started doing, but for lack of informations about ZS vlan settings, i’m stuck:

    create vlan —>description= ip phone vlan


    >eth00(vlan 1)=


    >( ethoo is still

    i don’t know what to do to complete my vlan.
    I’m lost, i need a link, explanayions, documentation, everything to help me.
    Thank you for all ppalias. Expecting your reply.


    Create another one vlan on the ETH00 interface if you want and change the IP address if you don’t like the setup you have. Be careful not to lock yourself outside of the box. In case you need to change the IP address of which is used for login, do it with a keyboard and monitor on the Zeroshell.


    Thanks same pplias, but i dont understand.
    Should i change the default ip @ first before clicking on create vlan? or it doesn’t matter , so i skip adressing eth00, i create a vlan on eth00, i set as vlan1 adress (is it good so far?)

    After creating vlan 1, how should i insert the hosts i want to belong to this vlan???

    Sorry for disturbing too much, and thks for all.


    It doesn’t really matter if you first create the vlan and then assign the IP address, or do it in a different order.
    After you create them successfully and assign IP addresses to each vlan, you have to connect this interface on a vlan-aware switch on a trunk link and connect each device on an access port configured for a specific vlan.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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