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    after reading and searching in the forum I did not get a clear Idea what is the best (easiest) way to solve my problem.

    I need to have a “emergency” access to a unmanned, remote site in case the main connection of this site to the Internet fails. If this situation occurs I like to communicate to the Router at this location using a ZS with USBGSM stick. On both sites I have only dynamic IP Adresses. (If I am right I can’t use IPSEC if the two ends of a connection are with dynamic addresses)

    The emergency szenario: Remote site a ZS connected via a USB-GSM modem to the Internet. (The IP Address range of the GSM Networks is private 10.x.x.x) In the ZS I intend to activate a DynDNS. I see in the DYNDNS service that the IP address of the remote site changes his address.

    On the Local Site I intend to open a connection from PC/MAC to the remote ZS to access the main Router.

    Q: What is the recommended solution?
    thank you in advance helping me saving time.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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