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    I am using Zeroshell to connect my home LAN to two independent ISPs.
    I have the load balancing option acitivated. I know that it does not automatically increase the band width if I do not use multiple programs accessing the internet at the same time.

    However, I stumbled upon the “VLAN bonding” issue where it is stated that one can increase bandwith by bonding two ethernet interfaces in a VLAN.

    My usenet provider recently started a VPN service. Therefore, I thought I might try if bonding works.

    Unfortunately, they provide only a configuration manual for DD-WRT-Routers. And even though it is OpenVPN based, I cannot comprehend the steps in the Zeroshell configuration panel.

    I am not even sure which kind of VPN I should configure, host-to-LAN or LAN-to-LAN, in order to use VLAN bonding.

    I would appreciate if someone could tell me if bonding would be possible with the Newshosting VPN service.
    In case it is, I would appreciate getting assistance in the configuration. If more information is required than offered in the link above, I am positive to get it from their support. But I do not even know where to start.


    Your ISP provides VPN services between your cpe and its server , before other things, you may want to ask if it allows also the bonding of the VPNs, if yes you might obtain better performances, otherwise you will add only overload on the local loop (different it would be if you were talking about a site to site VPN, where both end points are under your control, and you want protect your data while traversing the internet, in this case the overhead is tolerable).


    Thank you for the reply.

    What do you mean by “adding overhead to the local loop”?

    Besides, is it even possible with the data provided by the VPN provider to establish a VPN connection (without bonding) in Zeroshell?


    Remote host: (any from the list of avail servers)
    Port 1194/UDP
    Role: Client
    Compression: Enabled
    Encryption: Enabled
    Authentication – X.509
    Remote CN: (THIS IS KEY)- /C=US/ST=VPN/L=VPN/O=VPN/OU=VPN/CN=vpn/name=VPN

    Gateway: Auto (no bearing, choose as you wish)
    Local IP: Not needed.

    –config /Database/etc/vpn/vpn.ovpn –auth-user-pass /Database/etc/vpn/user.txt

    For the ovpn file, you can download from newshosting sight. It comes in the download from newshosting, and one exists for every server they supply.

    For the user.txt file, you need to create a file and include two lines. Line one is username, ex: username@newshosting and password must be on the second line.

    Once all are in place, the vpn will connect.

    Note, there is no bonding at newshosting.

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