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    Hi ,
    I have Two Different Subnets
    like LAN1- and
    LAN2 –
    I want to connect both subnet into one network. that means LAN1 people can ping LAN2 Peoples.
    Is it possible in Zeroshell
    please suggest me solution for this.

    Thanking You


    1 ETH0 – GW
    2 ETH1 – GW

    On dhcp server side create 2 subnet with for each Zeroshell adress as GW and a range of IP that can be distributed.

    If you don’t change firewall rules (by default permit), it will forward IP from one network to the other.

    It’s just ipforward activated on linux.

    Kind regards


    Thanks for your valuable feedback sir. I achieved Inter subnet. now i trying to bond two internet connection. if any body have experience in this please help me.



    “Net balancer” on manage interface, It will balance traffic between 2 gw or more. It detects also dead gw and send message to admin.

    It’s what I use in my office and it’s very stable and traffic is very well balanced with preference on GW.

    Kind regards.


    Thanks for your reply.
    In this netbalancing option i can balance the traffic using round robin mechanism. already i did this.
    But i want to add two internet connection speed.
    For Example, i am having 1 MBPS Connection and 2MBPS connection as two separate connections.
    In Load Balancing it allocate the traffic in either one in 2MBPS connection or 1MBPS Connection at a time in each Netbalancing.
    But I want total 3MBPS at any time for all users. how can i achieve this.
    It is all my understanding. if any wrong above understanding ,please correct me with right one.
    For this Bonding Two internet Connection Speeds anything Suggest me.
    Thanks in advance.



    By the use of QOS you will be able to specify bandwith for each adapter and load balancing will make the job.

    Did you have this already try ?



    Other solution is bonding the 2 interfaces (on network side). You have only one adapter and your can give weight (version 3.1.0).

    Give 2 for the 2 Mb & 1 for the 1 Mb (this will calculate bandwithd by fraction of weight).

    Normaly it will make 100% for the first and 50% for second.

    But I never try this.


    I tried for QOS already.but i cant configure correctly. please guide me with some reference. thanks in advance


    I also studied about weighted load balancing concept. but i didnt try. i ll try and let u know tha status. thank you very much for your prompt reply.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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