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    I have,
    ZS with 6 NIC’s,
    3 internet links,
    300 QoS Classes
    400 classifier rules
    5 additional firewall chains
    80 total firewall rules

    when I delete firewall rule from forward chain which has 36 rules and save I am back with another 36 rules with the last rule added by ZS or BUG.
    I have pictures to show or….

    It is definitely a BUG, because the same thing happens i QoS Chain.
    I did try through command shell to delete the unwanted rules and it deletes them but when I return to web UI an save ZS just copies the last rule in chain.

    This led me to investigating some other strange problems. For example there are rules in firewall which are passed by packets and are 100% supposed to be applied but aren’t. More on that to come.

    For now I NEED to be able to control my firewall.
    Please Help I am in love with ZS but some times I am thinking of using raw force to resolve our problems.


    I believe it to be a bug too. I can get around 63 rules in the firewall before it will get weird and act up, and around 73 QoS rules. My solution was to remember the # of the rule you want to delete, delete it from the web gui, don’t save yet, ssh into the box, delete the rule #, the save the web gui.

    I’d really like to have more than 60-some rules, but it is such a hassle to have to clean up the webgui each time an addition/deleteion is made.

    I’ve seen this in beta 12 and 13 so far, for both the firewall and QoS sections.

    I’ve tried looking for the scripts that are executed to reinstate the rules, but couldn’t find them. Does anyone know, or could help please?


    My Forward Firewall rules (Bridge/Transparent Mode) are in:/Database/var/register/system/net/FW/Chains/FORWARD/RULES/001 for rule#1, and 002 for rule#2 etc.

    My QoS rules are in:
    /Database/var/register/system/net/FW/Chains/QoS/Rules/001 etc.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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