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    Hi all,

    Is ZeroShell actively being worked on currently? Beta 12 is running very well for an environment I recently installed it for. No complaints at all. Just wondering if it is being actively worked on and what the future may hold.



    you might run it succesfully from livecd the problem comes when you install it on HDD and implement on production


    I’ve been in touch with Fulvio about new features for the next releases and although there is no promise, he told me we can wait for a new release in the next months.


    Hi velagapudihari, interesting, I ran on a real harddrive for several weeks in a production status, no issues. But decided that was the last moving part in the computer and decided to move it to a compact flash card. Installed it from the USB, pulled over teh config and right back up and running now for several more weeks with no issues.

    What problem(s) did you run into while running from a harddrive so I can keep my eyes open for them?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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