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    Hi, I hope I have not missed something obvious, but I am quite new to Zeroshell, the machine has been installed for about 2 weeks, it has three network cards and provides separation between two users of an internet connection.

    Today I suddenly found the machine unresponsive and reporting high load averages (>20 !!) When I checked logs, I found multiple DHCP INFORM packets coming from one or two machines on one of the networks, by multiple I mean dozens per second.

    Looking round the internet for a solution I came across a site indicating that there was a possible problem with XP and WIN7 machines repeatedly asking for wpad requests []

    The solution involved putting a new definition into the DHCP configuration along the lines of:
    option wpad code 252 = text;
    and then using this with an entry:
    option wpad “n00”;
    to suppress the continuous requests.

    When I tried putting this definition into the advanced dhcp options in zeroshell I kept getting the error “option definitions may not be scoped.”

    This is because zeroshell places the definition in the scope of the ip subnet you are editing. Is there a workaround for this?

    In the event, I found my problem elsewhere, some idiot had plugged two switches together with two cables!! 😛 [/url]

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