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    I have been running Beta 9 successfully since its release and it was an upgrade from Beta 8. Now when I just switched to Beta 10 it will only run for a few hours on the same machine until it has some horrible crash. I dont have too many specifics about the crash itself but can definitely get more. I have swapped out my hardware for an identical system in case that system was bad but only time will tell.

    CPU ( 1) Pentium III (Coppermine) 547MHz Refresh
    Uptime 0 days, 5:13
    Load Avg 0.00 0.02 0.00
    Memory 256232 kB
    ETH00 Intel Corporation 82557/8/9/0/1 Ethernet Pro 100 (rev 05)
    ETH01 Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL-8139/8139C/8139C+ (rev 10)
    wifi0: Atheros 5212
    DB is on a 40GB IDE HD

    20:43:39 ## SERVICE STATUS ##
    20:43:39 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    20:43:39 LDAP : UP
    20:43:39 DNS : UP
    20:43:39 Kerberos 5 : UP
    20:43:39 DHCP : UP
    20:43:39 RADIUS : UP
    20:43:39 SSH : UP
    20:43:39 HTTP PROXY : DOWN
    20:43:39 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


    What do you mean with the term “crash”? The system completely stops to work? or, just the proxy service does not correctly forward the http requests and hence your clients are unable to surf the web?

    Please, post here the output of


    because I want to see if there are segmentation faults?



    I get a kernel panic on the old hardware after a few hours on the swapped out hardware it has increased to 10+ hours, but B9 works just fine on either. I can send you the file but what state does the system need to be in for that to contain anything useful? and how can I get to it with out it being lost or modified after the system dies if I need to reboot? would DSL work to boot from and snag the file as is so as not to have ZS make any changes?

    Beta 10 is a very nice improvement and I have been using ZS on my little Compaq Deskpro since B7 with amazing results. Best router I have ever owned by far, if I have to throw more than a PIII and 256MB at it though I have some other boxes I just like how small this one was ;]

    Let me know what you need me to do and I will do it ASAP so we can try to pin this down to something specific.


    I went out of town for a few days and left my system running B9 and it has been up with no errors for 7+ days so if I have the time this weekend I will test B10 again and try to get you what you need after the crash. It is very strange though that just swapping back to B9 everything works just fine so we will see what I can figure out when I roll on back to B10 ;]


    I dont know if this i relateted to the mentioned delayed crash
    I have been tested ZS B8 for a while in education enviorments
    We are running XP and Srv2k3 in a MS virtual enviorment called
    Virtual PC 2007. Each student have their own installation of Virtual PC and
    the Virtual PC’s are connected by means of virtual routers based on an iso-image (ZeroShell-1.0.beta8.iso) and a small HDimage containing configurations. I have been running this in a class room with 11 PC’s
    with good results. To day i tested ZeroShell-1.0.beta10.iso and this one crashed quikly after start from the virtual CD and before attacing the virtual HD. I have tested it on Virtual PC 2007-64, Virtual PC 2007-32 and Virtual Server 2005-64 with the same results.


    I think that the problem is the new Kernel of the release beta10 in which I enabled XEN guest support. This could not interact correctly with the library /lib/ for the management of the Multi-Thread.
    In addition, a Kernel with XEN guest support I think it can have stability problems if the hypervisor is already a virtual environment.


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