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    I involved myself in ZS user interface by creating 2 new add-ons on the user interface. I wanted to have a modern working env and work-flow and because none were available I decided to create a repository on github for the current user interface.:

    This is basically a copy of kerbinet.cgi directory and will allow an easy development of new features or bug fixes using git as a collaborative tool. It follows the same licence as ZS.

    Basically for any new feature we will have a new branch so any developer can easy join and contribute.

    100% transparency, any new code can be seen and inspected ( git diff )

    Issues can be submitted, assigned, tracked and fixed using git hub issue tool.

    User can easy generate a patch that can be applied to any working system for further testing or even in production.

    A system integrator / release manager (ex Fulvio) can easy merge any new features or individual branches into the main line and create a new distro. Also individual commits can be cherry-picked and applied to main line.

    In this way, master branch (main line) will allays be the copy of the newest release from ZS.
    Any new feature will be developed in its own branch.
    Optional we can have a bug only and an integration (all new features merged) branches

    Ex, how to create a patch for sensors integration:

    git clone
    cd zeroshell-ui && git checkout sensors-integration
    git diff --no-prefix master > sensors_ui-ZS-3.6.0.patch

    Copy your patch to ZS using your favourite tool (ex sftp) ex in /db/opt/sensors_ui-ZS-3.6.0.patch then:

    cd /root/kerbynet.cgi && patch  -p0 < /db/opt/sensors_ui-ZS-3.6.0.patch

    Once you cloned the repository next thing to do is to mount the kerbynet dir locally using sshfs. Take a look at sshfs here
    You need to disable the interactive script first. Thanks to other post from here, all you need to do is add next on Post boot

    # Disable interactive menu
    /usr/bin/chsh -s /bin/bash admin
    /usr/bin/chsh -s /bin/bash root

    Assuming that you are in linux and you have a ~/Projects/zs

    sshfs -o idmap=user admin@ ~/Projects/zs

    If everything ok you should see the content of kerbynet locally ๐Ÿ™‚ and remember to save everything before rebooting ZS.

    Other things to do:
    - collect and apply all individual improvements posted on this forum
    - get more people involved
    - make ZS the best distro ๐Ÿ™‚ .

    Any developers and help is welcome.


    Updated github repository to the newest 3.7.1
    Meanwhile I created individual branches dyn-dns, bug-fix and sensors integration.

    As you can see there are no majors changes in UI code.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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