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    Hello All,

    I’ve been doing a little research the past couple of weeks, lots to choose from with Linux.

    For my development machine, I’ve been tinkering with the idea of having Tiny Core Linux as my native OS… Then installing KVM on top of that, then SmartOS wiithin KVM…
    Then possibly, installing zeroshell… Or, at least part of it… Mainly just for the proxy part? And all its dependencies…

    Was wondering if anybody here, has had any experience using either KVM or SmartOS?

    CentOS 7 Minimal 64-bit, is my production environment… I’m definitely going to do the KVM/SmartOS mixture, and creating a zone for my production environment so I can practice making changes to it before I make live changes.
    I know different hardware configurations, are going to spit out different results… At least this way, when I go to a forum such as this for help. It’ll be a little easier to track down the bug.

    I like the theory/idea of CentOS 7-KVM-SmartOS-0 shell… The 1st thing I’d like to try to do is, receive requests from my LAN… Have a Virtual NIC, past that request to my Gateway NIC, and send the response back to the original request NIC…

    With the hardware configuration I have now, I should be able to handle half a dozen hosts with my box. Which is more than enough to get me started.

    Any sort of feedback on this type of configuration would definitely be most helpful, could give me things to look out for possibly.

    Thanks in advance,



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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