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    It would be nice if the DHCP server could support mutiply subnets via DHCP relay.

    At the moment it seems I can only set up a scope and make it active if the box has a NIC with an ipaddress from that scope.

    I want to have mutiply scopes, so I can run one DHCP server to server mutiply subnets using a cisco router as a DHCP relay.

    Also would it be possibel to have a stick thread with all the current features that are being worked on, I coundlt find if this had all ready been asked for?

    Thank you

    And GREAT bit of software!!!


    OK it does work..

    Could it be made a bit clearer that if you set up a scope that is not directly connected to the box, that you will need to use a dhcp relay.

    Rather than the

    “WARNING: DHCP Server is not active on this subnet because there is not a network interface with an IP on the subnet”

    this makes it look like the scope is not active at all.

    I am likeing ZeroShell!!!!! 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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