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    I am setting up a ZeroShell Box to route VPN to my Vyos (Vyatta) box that is in a colo center and then out to other locations. Long and short I have figured out after many tried to get the connection established and I am trying to get the routes right. It appears that the firewall is enabled by default with some pretty standard rules but not completely sure on that one. Question: IS firewall enabled by default….and if so is there a way to turn it off completely (without fiddling with rules) temporarily to get the routes right and then tacked the firewall. I know I will need to allow port 1195 to get through on VPN00 but have not yet figured that out.

    Any advice is appreciated.


      I’d say ..no , firewall isn’t enabled by default , apart some few rules for management purpose. But you can easily check these rules , in Setup>>Web , while for input and forward chains, no rule is applied, and the default policy is accept.


      If you are finding it difficult to access the Web GUI on your remote ZS you can disable the Firewall by going into the shell and executing service iptables stop this will turn off the firewall and allow access to the GUI from any IP number.

      Don’t forget to restart the service again if you keep the profile as is.

    Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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