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    Please add a feature to display a list of currently active clients(even if they’ve not logged in to captive portal) and the bandwidth currently used by them
    This will be very useful

    Also a feature to limit bandwidth user wise



    There is already a list of active users for the captive portal (when they are logged in).

    Have a look at dhcp leases


    There is a great howto in the documentation section – QoS Statistics and Graphs by Richard Drage. If you can assign separate qos class for each of your users (based on their IP and/or mac address), then it is possible to manage bandwidth per user. Then just look at the nice graphs with time scale – they will give you info about online users and usage statistics per user or total.

    Disadvantage is that you have to have 2 servers, not just Zeroshell router 🙁 Also I have noticed that gathering statistics is CPU – hungry operation, once a minute CPU “goes down”.

    Regards, vmv4

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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