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    Looked at a few forum entries and zeroshell tutorials etc but none seem to help me.

    nothing fancy just want to setup the DNS functions of Zeroshell.

    so I would like my own internal domain.. mydomain.local
    I would like all DHCP clients to use Zeroshell (Gateway) as the DNS server to resolve Internet addresses and everything

    So I can setup Forwarders.. ANY for ns1.myisp.com,ns2.myisp.com

    when I am creating the Domain (Create Button) I create with the domain mydomain.local it also lists the firewall host myfirewall.mydomain.local. (fullstop after) and automatically creates the email hostmaster.mydomain.local. (not going to really use this just yet) BUT it says “WARNING: an error has been found in this entry. Click on Query button for more details about it”..

    It creates the settings though but every time you return to the page it gives this error.. so clicking on Query gives me the following



    Trying “mydomain.local”
    Received 31 bytes from in 1 ms
    Trying “mydomain.local”
    Using domain server:
    Name: localhost

    Host mydomain.local not found: 2(SERVFAIL)
    Received 31 bytes from in 0 ms

    so what am I doing wrong..

    despite all this forwarding of domain queries isnt working so ive set my DHCP to just give out the ISP domain IPs.

    any ideas? seems really simple.. I must be doing something obviously wrong.. could it be I cant use a .local type domain address?? this is a standard Ive used with windows internal domains for a while.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.


    On DHCP you need to assign as first DNS the IP address of your ZS, pretty simple.
    On DNS take a look on what I’ve done to my setup and works.

    In Options add these:

    recursion yes;
    allow-query {;;};

    change with the prefix of your internal network.


    Thanks PPALIAS. So if i well understood, in case of a dunamic ip adressing, i have just to add NS entries ( to indicate the name server that should be use ) and alosi a SOA entry?????

    By this way, would be automatically updated and record automatically the names and adress?

    Thank for your time.


    SOA is used only once and describes things as which is the zone (in our example it is trendy.awmn), mail to contact administrator, serial, timeouts and last but not least the NS for this zone (i.e ns0.trendy.awmn).
    A is used to link a name with an IP.
    There are some ways to automatically update DNS upon connecting a user, but I don’t know if it works with ZS. Better create the names you want by yourself.


    Thanks, it’s getting clearer to me. But in your screenshot of dns section, those :
    dhcp-home x A @ip are recorded manually. If so, i suppose dhcp-home x is automatically adressed, what if the @ lease is over???

    That’s what i meant saying automatically update in my last post.

    Thank you very much for your time.


    Yes, the dhcp-home-X are manually created by me. When the lease is over, the entry still exists but the address won’t reply in any request, since there will be no PC on that address. Hope it’s clear to you now.


    Yes, thanks , it’s clear now. So i think ZS cannot be useful in my case , coz i get a 30 min dhcp leases on my network, and i wanted ZS dns server to resolve their name according to the ip @ changes. Thank you anyway PPALIAS.


    Could you give us an example of what you want? It may be something that can be done, but I don’t think I understand what do you want to achieve.


    ok. I’m used with doing that with the microsoft product such as Windows server 2003, where i set up both a dns ans dhcp server. Within this dynamic ip adressing (ip @ keep changing), my dns server still resolve the computers names even though the ip @ change. That’s due to the automatical update of the dns server about ip @ changes so that it could relate the hostname to its current ip @. As i want to use a dhcp server in my network along with ZS, it ‘s not easy to enter manually something like hostname ( dhcp-home x) and relate it to its ip @!!!!. That could fit in a static ip adressing.
    Hope you understand what i mean. As usual, thanks a lot for your time. I appreciate. Expecting your reply.


    Yes I understand now what you want to do. It can be applied to ISC-DHCPD and ISC-BIND, but I am not sure if it can be applied to the dns and dhcp of ZS. Google “ddns-update-style” for more information.


    ok, thanks, i check right away ddns-update style.

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