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    Using ZS like Router/Firewall in my company, I want to redirect all DNS querys to my DNS Server (OpenDNS, even if the client has configured a static DNS server (ej It´s a way to secure and filter web contents.

    I´ve configured DNS forwarder ANY (Server: but is not enough.

    Its any way to do this with ZS?



    You’d have to set up two firewall rules: One on your input chain to allow traffic to your.zs.ip.addr/32:53 and one on your forwarding chain to deny traffic to And then tell your users that using external DNS is against your terms of use.

    That won’t stop people from trying to use external DNS on nonstandard ports, assuming they’re running a resolver that supports it. I wonder if there’s a Layer 7 filter for DNS.


    Thanks, but I was thinking in a way to set this process “transparent” for the users.

    My problem is bigger if I deny all DNS traffic; I can´t control users configuration.

    I dont want to deny traffic, only “redirect” the DNS request, like a proxy DNS .


    Is this a corporate network or a public access network, or something along those lines? I would have expected blocking everything and then using some kind of proxy server (transparent or otherwise) would be standard procedure.

    If you’re using DHCP you control the DNS settings for clients already. If someone really needs a static address you can do reservations or even hand-configure a device and still specify a local DNS server.

    I guess I don’t understand why a company network would even give the illusion of letting its users use external services directly.

    If you’re trying to get around geofencing though, keep me away from that.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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