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    Hello everyone!

    I’ve been toying with a new zeroshell install as a sameserver for a SIP domain with asterisk.

    Problem is that there is no way I can see on the web or in the manual on how to generate SRV records that are not _tcp or _udp.

    For secure comunications I would need two entries:

    _sips. _tcp. voip.inlab.local 0 1 5061
    _sip. _tls. voip.inlab.local 0 1 5061

    The first one is a no brainer, but the second one… 🙁

    Is there a way to configure it manually, using the cli?

    Thanks in advance!


    In ZS 3.0 it’s possible to change the protocol part after creating a new SRV resource record.

    First create a new SRV RR and pretend it’s going to be _tcp at first. Save it. Now select it, and in the Entry Name field replace _tcp with _tls and Save.

    You can also change the entry name if you create a new entry, but any field you change in the spaces below would put the _tcp part back. Just make overtyping _tcp with _tls the last thing you do before hitting Save.



    To think it was so simple, and I was going the hard way and began to muck with the ldap db. XD

    Thankyou for your fast response Fulvio!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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