Does QoS work only in bridge mode ?

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    Dear all.
    I had read the offical qos and traffic shaping document . But I get a little confused about the example.
    in my case, I had an 512/512 ADSL with 8 static public IP address, lets said x.x.x.x/29 gateway x.x.x.y . zeroshell with 2 ethernet adapter , eth01 for wan , eht00 for lan ( .
    and I setup qos class , set the bandwidth limit . apply to firewall policy . limit the bit torrent max download speed at 100 kbit for test , But in the same time , utorrent download speed still keep at 5x KB ..
    I guess that`s because the qos policy didn`t work . so I compare all my settings to the document, the only different is the example configre as bridge mode. and I`m not.
    so I am wondering , Dos Qos only work in bridge mode ?

    and sorry for my poor English @@


    update …

    After many times try and error .
    I found that if I change the speed limit of “DEFAULT” QoS class , the BT client will slow down immedialy.
    so , maybe the order of qos class may effect the filter ?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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