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    Instructions for making a bootable Zeroshell flash drive using a windows 7,8 computer


    file:”ZeroShell-3.0.0-Disk-2GB.img.gz”(or latest version) from
    file:”physdiskwrite 0.5.3″(or latest version) from
    1 USB flash drive(min 2gb)
    computer with windows 7 or 8.

    01. copy the two downloaded files to a directory “c:makeusb” or other folder you can remember the path to.
    02. plug in your USB Flash drive
    03. open a command window with “run as administrator”(Important!)
    04. change directory to the folder you created in step one.
    05. enter the command: “diskpart” wait for prompt:”DISKPART>”
    06. enter “list disk”. A list of drives on your computer will show.
    07. Identify your flashdrive and remember the disk #
    08. Enter “select disk #” where “#” is the disk number of your flashdrive.
    09. Enter “clean”. you should receive the message “DiskPart succeeded in cleaning the disk.”
    10. Enter “exit”.
    11. Enter “physdiskwrite ZeroShell-3.0.0-Disk-2GB.img.gz”
    (NOTE: on disks > 2GB, enter “physdiskwrite -u ZeroShell-3.0.0-Disk-2GB.img.gz”
    12. A list of drives will show. your drive will most likely be the number you selected in the previous step.
    13. enter your drive number and press enter.
    14. Press “y” for confirmation.(make sure you have the right drive!)
    15. Drive write will commence. it will take 10-15 minutes to construct your bootable flashdrive.
    16. When finished, you can now use your flashdrive to boot a system as a Zeroshell Router.

    Good Luck!

    NOTE: the disk will always be recognized as a 2GB flashdrive, even if it is an 8GB drive, until you perform the CLEAN method again.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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