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    Hello. I am trying to install zeroshell on an ESXI vm. However after running Installation Manager it keeps booting with LiveCD and when disabling the cdrom, the VM does not find an operating system. Below is the steps I tried.

    1. Boot LiveCD
    2. Logon to web gui
    3. Create a filesystem under /dev/sda with label ‘/’ and EXT4 filesystem.
    4. Create profile under the new filesystem (/dev/sda1)
    5. Installed Installation Manager.
    6. Activate Profile.
    7. Run Installation Manager in console and select profile.
    8. System Reboots after activation.
    9. System boots under LiveCD and does not find hardrive filesystem.


    I figured it out.

    What you will need is to either create two hardrive storage for the VM or use a USB flash drive. The 2nd hardrive or flash drive will be used to store the profile that is required by Installation Manager. Installation Manager will not install zeroshell on the same hardrive/partition that the profile is stored on.

    1. When the profile is created and the system has come back online from the reboot go ahead and start ‘Installation Manager’ or ‘inst-manager’ from the shell prompt.

    2. Installation Manager will ask the location where to install zeroshell.

    3. Follow the steps and after the reboot, zeroshell will be running off the hardrive.


    Technically, you don’t need 2nd storage to run ZS, only to install.


    I was able to use Installation Manager on a ZS VM with only one virtual disk. I used and edited the temporary profile that the LiveCD makes, got a machine key out of it, then got an activation key from Fulvio; the key stays the same between reboots as long as the VM config doesn’t change.

    Maybe it doesn’t work if there’s already a profile stored on the disk.

    There’s a template I made, too.


    That’s the case – Installation manager will not install to a disk with a profile.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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