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    I love the ZeroShell router (currently using beta9 and beta10), however, to be really useful it would be desirable to add the following:

    1. Support of Cisco VPN L2TP-IpSec – linux vpnc already does this so it should not be too difficult to add.
    2. Support of SNMP daemon so that monitoring tools can report on ZS status (traffic/disk space/up/down/wlan, etc.).
    3. NFS client support – this would make a number of features possible – like central configuration support for multiple ZS routers. Yes, you do support RIP, and that is good. Additionally, copying the /Database to another filesystem would permit a backup.
    4. Why not include the flash-based system in the ISO? Then unzipping directly to a CF card would be really simple.
    5. Why not release a development (cross platform) ISO? I would be interested in some useful extensions and I have a lot of embedded experience so I would be happy to share the fruits of my labor.

    In closing, Cisco support would be GREAT!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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