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    I am trying to setup both my routers (DSL and 3G) in a failover setup whereas DSL is the primary gateway and the 3G is the spare.

    I use a Globesurfer 3 HSDPA Router for the 3G connection. As I do not have a flatrate on the 3G Contract, I would like the cellular WAN connection to stay inactive until the primary fails.

    My setup was quite successful, but unfortunately, the Failover monitor continuously probes BOTH devices for connectivity and thus reactivates the 3G connection every few seconds.

    The 3G modem is set to automatically connect upon receiving traffic, and therefore connects each tiome Zeroshell probes it for connectivity. If I set it manual connect, the 3G connection obviously won’t work upon primary failure…

    Is there a way to get the Failover monitor to just probe the primary device for connectivity every x seconds, and switch to the spare 3G Link only once the DSL link fails?

    Or, does failover detection work without the failover monitor beeing active?

    Best Regards

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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