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    I would like to post a ‘bounty’ for a feature.
    After much searching I have found a weighted round robin patch for the linux kernel. I would like to offer $100 to anyone that can port/apply the weighted round robin bonding patch to the kernel for zeroshell.

    I believe this feature will help resolve some of the throughput issues when you bond multiple interfaces with varying bandwidth available.

    The current bonding method performs a round robin to split the bandwidth evenly. The problem with that is you will always end up being limited by your slowest link. With the weighted round robin, you can set one one interface to be weighted/ receive more of the traffic than another.

    The patch for 2.6.17 is located here: http://pastie.org/3388968

    I ended up porting the patch to 2.6.25 but I do not have the time to setup a zeroshell dev environment , compile and test the patch.

    I’m willing to pay %50 upfront to start..


    Is this bounty still open? I am developing a patch for weighted round robin for kernel 3.2.33. It’s working not just in balance_rr, but also balance_xor modes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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