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    Hi everyone ( sorry i’m french lol )

    I can’t see my video of my ipcamera vivotek ( i’ve the web administration for the cam but the plugin video don’t work ), i don’t want to see her on internet, just on local.

    I have 3 ETH :

    ETH00 : 192.168.0……….. ( for local attribute ) the camera is on
    ETH01 : box free connection
    ETH02 : box bouygues connection

    i’ve create rule for virtual serveur

    ANY / ANY TCP 8081
    ANY / ANY TCP 5003
    ANY / ANY TCP 5002

    Net balancer is ok, proxy ok .

    I think is juste the plugin video who can’t activate over zeroshell 😕

    Somebody can help me

    thank you

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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