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    I am writing to ask for help in recovering from a condition I mistakenly created when I entered a Virtual Server entry for port 443 and forwarded that to a machine on the internal network.

    The result of this administrative error is that no machine, either internal or external, can access zeroshell’s web interface.

    I thought of one way to repair this problem might be to edit the appropriate apache config file that zeroshell uses on startup to change the https port to something other than 443.

    Is this a solution and, if so, what file do I edit?

    If it is not a solution, is there a way I can:

    1) Either alter a Virtual Server entry inserted into the DB from the shell; OR
    2) Restore a DB from the shell.

    I have on a USB drive a backup of the DB.

    Thanks for any help.



    You should try to put the system in Fail Safe mode. If it does not work use the command

    iptables -t nat -F PREROUTING

    After that, use the web interface to delete the the virtual server.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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