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    ive got a problem at the moment with trying to forward external IP address from our datacenter to our servers at our office

    we have a virtual zeroshell running in the datacenter with 5 ext ips on ETH00

    we then have another virtual zeroshell running at our office and they are both VPNed together (LAN TO LAN)

    the vpns have assigned ip address of and 253(office)

    i have setup routing on the datacenter zeroshell so the router can PING and TRACE my servers on there internal ip addresses without any problem

    i followed this guide

    to enter the iptables to forward the ips to our internal ip range (192.168.99.xx) but it just doesnt work πŸ™

    i can see on the nat table the BYTES and PKTS are highing when i send a request to say port 80 (HTTP) but the page never loads πŸ™

    any ideas people what i might be doing wrong?

    p.s i have also tried bridging the VPN and ETH01 in my office so it can see the servers direct (no routing) but still doesnt work πŸ™

    Kindest Regards


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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