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    I would like to start off with my knowledge of what I’m trying to accomplish and what I’ve done to try and not waste your time. In reverse order, I have searched google, I have used the search function on the board, and I have looked through what documentation I could find. If I missed something that is clearly explained somewhere else, feel free to direct me to the content so that I can read the whole thing and learn more.

    What I am attempting to do. I would like to set up whatever I need to set up so that it forwards requests like and back to our webmail server while not restricting access to the whole of yahoo and google. With that being said I’m not even sure that this is possible. I am a hardware guy, not a software guy, but I’m learning and willing to learn all I can.

    I don’t necessarily need a step by step but it would be nice. General direction would be pleasant to. If there is anything that is needed of me in the way of information about the test network that I will be using it for to test this let me know.


    You can setup DNS server on ZeroShell box with fake A records for and pointing to your internal webmail IP.

    Add these two zones ( and under “DNS” menu. Then select the the DNS entry that contains the SOA (its name is @) and click on the [New] button of the “Resource Commands”, select A and enter IP.

    Instructions taken from this thread


    It turned into something I feel rather dense about. I hadn’t set a default gateway in ZS. All of a sudden, everything works exactly as I had hoped.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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