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    Does anyone know something about this, and can it be used somehow when using ZS to control the Radius server?


    What options are you trying to control on the radius server that can’t be done with the user interface now?


    It’s not about the control. I want a GUI.


    Zeroshell does have a Radius GUI. It utilizes proxies, naslists, clients, logging…etc. All this can be done from the current GUI.
    You must be looking for something specific because these features in the GUI satisfy 99.99% of the configurations of all radius servers.


    Well… you are right. I need a feature…
    I have a small wireless LAN which I want users to connect with user/pass over EAP-TTLS MsChapV2. The radius server of the ZeroShell works fine, granting access to correct and denying access to false credentials, but the feature it’s missing (or I have missed to find there, if it exists) is Simultaneous-use checking. Meaning that there is no limit how many users could connect at the same time with one user/pass. What’s the use of EAP-TTLS if everyone can connect with only one credentials?!


    This is an old request that keeps coming up in the forums. I believe the developer of zeroshell has already stated that the simultaneous-use param does not work in this build of zeroshell.

    The quickest fix is to just recompile freeradius with the snmp switch to enable that feature. The other option is to setup a sql database and allow zeroshell to use it by uncommenting the proper lines in the *.conf files. Both will work.
    A third options is to proxy the radius request to another radius server that can handle the simultaneous-use param.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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