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    I can get DHCP on LAN to work, assign static IP:s on LAN, forwarding, but I just can’t receive any IP address from my ISP:s DHCP using ZeroShell!!

    EDIT: I tried to let it run for 3 hours clicking refresh but nothing happened automatically and the lease was ready to pass to another MAC address.

    How do I do it? On other routers it was just to click “renew IP adress from WAN” or something like that. I can only find options to add Static IP:s. Is it even possible to receive it automatically from the WAN DHCP? I can’t find any kind of explanation for this in any documentation.

    Please help! This is a spreadsheet of my home network:
    The (??.??.??.??) is where i want to receive an IP automatically.

    ISP WAN (by modem)
    Server with 2 network cards (ETH00, ETH01)
    ETH00: Server WAN (??.??.??.??)
    ETH01: Server LAN (
    5 port Switch
    Computers ( –

    Please help, this is getting me pull out my hair.


    add this to the start up script (menu->setup tab->startup)

    dhclient ETH00

    so you will get:

    # Startup Script
    dhclient ETH00

    do not forget to enable it (on the check box)


    Is there a way to release and renew a DHCP assigned IP address on a specific interface without a reboot?


    could this not be done from a ssh shell ifconfig ETH?? down



    Now you have me thinking. IF the wan is dynamic ( dyndns is active) the script to reset the ip needs to be run. This as i understand it only happens at re/boot. mmm just thinking in type

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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