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    i’m using zeroshell since 3 years for CP-Solution within a B&B Guesthouse.

    Now i want to integrate ZeroTruth for better accounting / usermanagement.
    my Questions:

    1.) how to integrate Zerotruth in a running live-system ( especially customizing the GUI for Userlogin with own grafics). In documentation it’s mentioned, that images can changed if a registration-key is entered. knowing it’s free, but how to install system in live-environment without having key ?

    2.)walled garden / marketing
    want to CP for presenting our house before they register ( within the wlan-range, they can for example see fotos of our house, some text etc. maybe external homepage in www ). Is it possible to let them see externat homepage (defined www domain ), but no other www urls ?

    3.) is it possible to switch between ZS and ZT for Testing the login (in live environment see question 1.)

    4.) Alerting to admin if users exceeds his traffic-limit (email to reception)

    thx for your help

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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