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    Hey folks,

    My first post so go easy on me 🙂 I’m exploring Zeroshell after some pretty major complications we’ve found with Vyatta where VLAN matching and QoS just don’t work properly (got the Technical Services Director over at Vyatta going round in circles trying to find an answer).

    Simply put we have 253 different VLANS all on eth0 (the LAN side)… and we state to Vyatta that traffic going -out- of this vlan interface should be 4mbps and coming -in- should be 4mbps (each tenant is a vlan and they choose which speed package to buy, 512kbps, 1mbps, 2mbps, 4mbps etc… but they’re all symmetrical). Vyatta can properly control what goes out of itself, but can’t properly slow down what comes in (you say 4mbps, it gives you about 0.8mbps for example). And sadly the vlan tags can no longer be found to know which speed to apply if you attempt to control it going -out- of eth1 (the WAN side).

    So what took me months to learn how to use Vyatta, I learnt in a day with Zeroshell and that was barely looking at the documentation. I’ve conflgured the QoS section as it should be I think – but the irony is Zeroshell can properly control what comes in to the VLAN interface but not out! (as in from the tennants perspective shows correct upstream but not correct downstream – but vyatta has the opposite issue).

    I’m attaching links my QoS config to this post at the bottom to try and see if anyone has any tips.

    Other than that I think I need to learn a bit more about where the NAT rules are in more detail, making some VPN connections – but the rest is about done… this is a great piece of software!

    Thanks for any input you might have!


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