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    Hi All,
    Recently I got to know about ZS. Installed it and trying different features about it
    I have tried internet sharing with ZS, it works fine. Did DHCP it work fine, just like a breeze.
    Now I am trying to do a site to site VPN using zero shell.
    I have open VPN server at the other side(Network). I am planning to use ZS from the other network to get connected by site to site VPN. I am using X509 certificate. I gave the correct key and certificate, but when I save the configuration always it shows that
    “VPN process has not started”
    I am not getting an idea why this message is comming
    I am usig ZS 3.0.0 releaase
    Guidance requested
    Joseph John


    Like to mention this.
    When I tryed changing the authenitcation from X.509 to PSK
    It shows the sign “Connecting to remote peer ..”
    Why when I chose authenitcation X.509 sit shows VPN started and when PSK is selected it shows “Connecting to remote peer “

    Advice and guidance requested
    Joseph John


    Hi jjk_saji,

    first of all you can have a Look in the Logs. Most of the Problems you can solve with this.

    I connected different Networks via th OpenVPN LAN-to-LAN service and it works fine. I use PSK to authenticate.

    If there is the status: “VPN Process has not startet” it is mostly a syntax error of additional options. They appear in the Log.

    Please post your configuration and Logs, because nobody will understand your Problem without.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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