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    Hi Dear all,
    I have problem, i have installed ZeroShell to HDD, with tutorial Inslataion Zeroshell to HDD by christiancolombini, and i have troube after reboot it, this the trouble :

    GRUB Loading satage1.5.

    GRUB loading, please wait….
    Error 17

    Can’t enter to zeroshell, please help me??????!!!!!!



    I have exactly the same error message any recommendations or solutions on how to fix this ?


    Are you loading ZS off the CD? If you did, a partition of the harddsik is automatically mounted. You have to unmount that partition before you transfer the image on to the harddisk.


    I did boot from the CD but I did copy the image from an USB drive as stated in the document.
    Not sure if I did unmount the ZS partition. Will give it a try but have other more urgent fiex to apply. Thanks for the hint.


    Hey, the solution is simple, be aware when you write the line commad,
    “gunzip -c zs.img.gz /dev/hda” HEY IT’S HDA NOT HDA1, that’s all.


    I finally got a chance to test this fix and I now have the solution

    1. You have to unmount the HD
    2. from the mounted usb disk use the command gunzip -c zs.img.gz >/dev/hda
    3. Once completed reboot
    4. Change the IP from the remote PC where the profil was stored
    4. I had to add a new partition for the remaining free space
    5. Restore the profile from a backup

    I am now back in busines and I don’t need to boot from the CD anymore

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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