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    Hello, I’m hoping somebody might be able to help me.
    I’ll explain my setup and then what I’m trying to achieve.

    I currently have a wireless network with 2 SSID, ‘Internal’ and ‘Guest’ (for names sake). I have the Guest Wi-Fi using VLAN 100 which is then ported out via the ZeroShell server and then bridged with an external IP address within my DMZ.

    Although this all works and users can get out to the Internet, I am unable to get the Guest Wi-Fi on VLAN 100 to use it’s own DHCP. It keeps grabbing a DHCP address from within the DMZ, where the phone system is held and giving out addresses.

    I wouldn’t normally be too bothered about this but there are other machines in the DMZ that I don’t want the Guest Wi-Fi to access so want it the DHCP server on another subnet.

    ETH01 is
    ETH00 is – VLAN 100
    BRIDGE is EHT00 & ETH01

    Ideally I want to give the users a 192.168.10.X address but even if I create a DHCP server within ZeroShell, it seems to bypass this and they still grab a 192.168.3.X address.

    Any help would be gratefully received.



    ZeroShell machine to be loaded with at least two Ethernet adapters, if you want any wired access to the network. For example, one adapter would be connected to the Internet modem, and the other to a single computer, or a switch to support multiple computers. If you only want ZeroShell to offer wireless access (and you have a compatible Wi-Fi adapter), only one Ethernet adapter is required. Go for this cheap essay writing service to having a wonderful assistant in writing and even you can get the guidelines too.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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