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    Unfortunately, my networking knowledge is very limited , but since I knew about Zeroshell I considered it as the best way to ‘shape’ you home network for specific needs and being far away from standard equipment, that might be easy to be hacked. With all the articles on the Zeroshell home page and the forum and got pretty far, but need still a lot of help form experienced users. I have some equipment, such as UPS, Linux boxes, power switches, which are able to send email messages in case of critical events (the same Zeroshell does), but only the messages from Zeroshell make it through, so I guess this is a firewall setup issue. As well I found some open ports (111 – rpcbind; 199 – Linux SNMP multiplexer; 705) and don’t know what is the best to do in this case. I haven’t seen any general guide on firewall setup or something specific to the equipment email issue, so I would very appreciate any kind of help to get me on track. Thanks in advance for your help!


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