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    Thanks to Mr. Fulvio for the ZS

    Hi …
    I have installed ZS on PC. And work with router/gateway scheme.
    Its my config :

    I have adsl 1 Mbps down, 128 kbps up
    I use ZS 10 beta 10
    Eth0 : LAN ( (DHCP ON)
    Eth1 : WAN ( (DHCP from other router)
    NAT : ON
    HTTP Proxy : enabled
    Capture Proxy : Eth0 (LAN)
    ClamAV : enabled
    Other stuff still default

    Its my question
    I have download from site only have (rate 30KB) and said NO resume capability. I use IDMAN.
    Is weird when i switch to router (bypass ZS) i get download (rate 75 KBps) and more speed to reload page
    and have resume capability ON at IDMAN

    Whats wrong with that ?
    I have read document but maybe i miss somewhere.
    Please … any idea ?

    Greets from me.
    Newbie want to explore ZS ….. errggghhh great ZS


    Please …. any idea ?

    I reread again the doc and forum, i hope i find the clue


    The web proxy service with antivirus scanning of the web page is the most intensive CPU and memory process. Try to disable it to look if the performances are increased. If so, you should change your hardware.

    Best Regards


    I use Duron 950 mhz, ram 256, hd 4,3 gb <— i should change to 20 gb
    Is it OK with my spec hw ?
    Whats recomend hardware for ?

    I’ll follow your instruction tomorow.
    I’ll report to you soon for the result

    Thank for reply Mr. Fulvio


    I think the hardware is OK. You could increase the amount of RAM. In any case, try to disable the proxy.



    Report Sir :
    Your instruction is straight forward
    Is Http Proxy = Web Cache ?
    If that enable web cache is great that will minimize my bandwith

    Now, i’ll play with Captive Portal
    I start from begin again.
    All default option is removed, save 1 one profile (default) if any error occur than i switch to default

    Whats the mean of simultan connection on gateway parameter at captive portal menu ? Is block simultan coonection like if i used IDMAN for download ?
    Is it stable have captive portal for a medium user (10 – 20) ?

    Newbie Still Explore ZS

    Thanks Mr. Fulvio

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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